SEO Melbourne Myths To Leave Behind This Year

Are you a business owner who is lost in a world of SEO myths. Don’t worry! We are here to show you the truth here. SEO is a fast-changing discipline, so keeping up with its phase is not easy as it may seem. Business owners don’t usually have the time to master SEO from A to Z. In a world where scammers exist in every industry, misconceptions about SEO is common. We have come to the very end of 2017. So, leaving all the SEO Melbourne myths behind is advisable here. Let’s bust some myths!

SEO Melbourne

* SEO will disappear in 2018

It is safe to say that SEO will be there for a few more years. Well, many changes will take place within it, but it will not disappear in 2018. Anyway, nobody can say that SEO Melbourne will be there until the end of this century. Who knows what would happen after a few more decades? People will find new ways to buy products and services in the future. People in the 20s and 30s never thought of anything like the Internet, which has become a reality now. Keeping your SEO Melbourne partner for 2018 is advisable so. you will need them to the success of your business.

* Myth about the homepage

Google now asks for more words per article or a webpage. 500-word mark was the standard limit a few years back. It was revealed in 2016 that Google favors pages that have about 2000 words. As a result, SEO Melbourne service providers began to add more words to their clients’ websites. Why did Google change this word limit? It shows that Google is clever at picking up on context and intent than ever now. It makes sense in a way because more words per page eliminate the need for several pages/posts to compensate the demand for keywords.

So, should you use over 3000 words for a homepage? Some “myth creators” spread a message saying as much as content on the homepage is better for ranking purposes. But, SEO Melbourne experts don’t agree with it. Filling your homepage with thousands of words (over 2000) will affect its user-friendliness negatively. Nobody likes to read essays on a homepage. It might rank your website on a top position (SEO-wise,) but visitors will not stay on a website that has paragraph after paragraph. What is the point of being in Google’s top positions without satisfying visitors? You won’t make any money here! While it is difficult to say an exact word limit for online success, having over 3000 words is not advisable either. So, don’t expect your SEO Melbourne experts to fill your website with thousands of words for no valid reason.

* SEO is all about raking a website on the number 1 spot

How many “number 1” spots are available on Google? If a business owner thinks that SEO is all about being in the number 1 spot; millions of business owners in this world are not benefiting from investing money in SEO (because there’s only one number 1 spot available.) Instead, target to be on the first search page (2nd search page just fine.) So, if an SEO Melbourne company manages to rank your business website on the first search page; don’t blame them for failing to get you to the number 1 spot. Being on the number one spot may satisfy your “SEO cravings,” but it won’t make a big difference in generating sales. Getting a position on the first search page is critical to a greater extent though.

SEO Melbourne

* SEO rankings will never change

In a world where thousands of new business owners hire SEO companies, and hundreds of websites get added to the Internet; your website will not stay on the number one spot or on the first page forever. Your current position on Google may drop or rise today. As mentioned, SEO is a fast-changing marketing strategy. So, anything can happen anytime. Anyway, the SEO Melbourne company you have hired will make changes to keep you on the first search page. And, that is why we call it an ongoing process.

* Duplicate content will penalize your website

Over 1.8 billion websites are on the Internet today. Can you expect every website to have “unique” content so? Google and other search engines will not penalize your website for having duplicate content. Well, don’t get us wrong here. We are not giving you an excuse to “copy and paste” content from another website. But, Google considers it as a negative factor when ranking your website. Don’t worry! Google gives the priority to the first owner of the content. Once in a while, similarities can be there. Try your best to write original content though.

* SEO is a myth

Well, business owners who have hired “crap” SEO Melbourne service providers say it. No, this marketing strategy is never a myth (but not a piece of cake either.) A top-class service provider will do something positive for your business. So, the money that you invest in a reputable service provider will never be a waste. Anyway, always keep this golden rule about SEO in your mind: even the number one SEO Melbourne service provider can’t rank you on the top position. Hire your service provider after online research. Where do their website ranks on Google? You can get a rough idea of their expertise from the search page and the position that their website is listed on Google and other search engines.

* I can ignore optimizing for mobile devices

In a world where more than 60% of the Internet users browse the Internet via mobile phone device, can you ignore optimizing for mobile devices? We don’t think so. Not having a website that is optimized for a mobile device is suicide these days. Every SEO Melbourne service provider now advises their clients on the importance of having a website that performs well on mobile devices. Facebook is the best example here. More than 60% Facebook users now use the mobile version.

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Some final words

Say goodbye to SEO myths this year. Let us know about all the myths that are troubling you! We are more than happy to bust them for you. Google is the king of all search engines, but it is not a reason to ignore other search engines such as Yahoo. Top-class SEO Melbourne companies never ignore other search engines when doing SEO. Don’t waste your time and money on cheap service providers. Cheap service providers can’t do anything positive for your business in this highly-competitive world. Hiring them is suicide so.

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