Mineral Wool – used for Cheap Insulation

Cheap insulation

Cheap insulation

There are loads of cheap and common insulation materials easily available in the modern times. Each kind of  cheap insulation material has its pros and cons. Therefore, one should decide on the material you will use for the insulation depending on the circumstances like – weather, needs of the home, kind of building or home, health safety as far as a layman in concerned. Cheap insulation experts will guide you to understand the factors like R-Value , flammability , sound insulation etc.

Here is a list of the most common insulation materials used commonly across the board by cheap insulation experts:

  1. Mineral Wool
  2. Fiberglass
  3. Polystryne (EPS)
  4. Cellulose
  5. Polyurethane

Mineral Wool – used for Cheap Insulation

Mineral wool is a combination of different types of insulation . It could refer to rock wool essentially made from a substance called basalt. It also could be referring to glass wool which is manufactured from recycled glass and is fiberglass. Not only these two – mineral wool may also be slag wool that is produced by mills producing steel. All these are cheap insulation material out of all cheap insulation material slag wool is most common.

Mineral wool can be purchased in the form of batts or loose material. Additives are added to make them resistant to fire and ensure safety therefore cannot be used where the heat is very high. It is very effective to install cheap insulation in huge spaces or areas. The R-value of this cheap insulation material is R-2.8 to R 3.5.

Cheap insulation


Cheap Insulation material called fiberglass is made by weaving of fine glass strands into a material used for insulation. This reduces transfer of heat due to the glass. It is very risky to handle as it is made up of glass powder, silicon, or very tiny shards of glass. They are also harmful for sensitive areas in the body like lungs, eyes, skin and is recommended to be used wearing safety equipment. It is non-flammable and a cheap insulation material with R-value R-2.9 to R-3.8 per inch.


This cheap insulation material is waterproof thermoplastic foam and is excellent for sound and temperature insulation.  It is of two types – EPS and XEPS. They have a R-value of R-5.5 and R-4 each. It is cheap insulation and also unique since it is the only smooth surface insulation.


One of the cheapest and most eco-friendly form of insulation is Cellulose. It is made of recycled paper, cardboard and similar materials. It has a R-value between R-3.1 to R-3.7. It is also very good to reduce risk of dire damage due to its compact nature where it does not contain oxygen within it. However – some people develop allergies due to newspaper dust. It is one of the cheapest and most effective insulation material.


This cheap insulation material is excellent for insulation. It uses non-chlorofluorocaron (CFC) gas that is used as an agent to blow. It reduced the ozone layer. It is light weight anmd has a R-value of R-6.3. These can be sprayed in non-insulated areas. Other than being a cheap insulation material  it is fire resistant.

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