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We are on the hunt for new, talented writers for our growing community. Our blog gets viewed by thousands of daily visitors, so we need more great content that our readers can enjoy. It is simple; just do the followings.

Guidelines to follow:

  • A 1000-word article is the perfect fit for our blog. Anyway, 600-word limit is sufficient for a “great article.”
  • Making the document’s name, the title of it is a must-do. So, the file’s name shouldn’t be “submission.docx”.
  • 3 headings for an article is a must-have.
  • Only .doc, .docs, and .pdf file formats are acceptable.
  • All images formats should be JPG or PNG only.
  • We don’t accept articles that have already published elsewhere. Also, we don’t tolerate plagiarism at all. So, send us your “unique work” as duplicated content will leave a black mark on you and us too.
  • The posts should be suitable for the viewers of all ages, no adult-nature or disturbing articles will get posted.
  • To make your article more professional, we may edit it when necessary.
  • You can include ONE Outbound Link in your post (with author’s bio.) Under certain circumstances such as another link is fully relevant to your article; we may say “Yes” to a second link too.
  • We expect your posts to be genuine and best of your writing. We don’t want our beloved readers to get disappointed by robotic pitches or spammy articles.

Additional guidelines to follow:

  • Your author-bio, topics, and synopsis to be sent via an E-mail to us.
  • Once we agree with your article topics, we will inform you to write for us, and you should send the article as an attachment.
  • Our editorial team will go through your first draft and let you know whether it is good enough for our blog. So, you will have to make necessary changes until our editorial team says, “Yes” to it.
  •  An article that fulfills all above-said requirements will be posted on our blog, and we will send an acknowledgment E-mail about it.

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